Welcome to the tribe

touchtennis was founded by Rashid Ahmad in 2002 (or it may be 2003 depending on how many slams he wants to credit himself with) and his initial vision was simple – to create a sport that works for every age and every ability, possible to play anywhere, that will foster fun and connection above all, as well as of course getting people fit, energised and moving. 

Played on a 12 x 6 metre compact court with foam balls, a foldaway and easy to set up net and 21 inch tennis racquets, you can set up to play wherever you like from your school, park, garden or even the beach. 

Although the game is particularly attractive to beginners and less experienced tennis players looking to improve their hand-eye coordination, if you want to take it a step further from your garden, you might be interested in joining the growing touchtennis world tour. With Slams and Masters Tournaments, the tour has attracted players of all abilities who compete like lunatics for ranking points and prize money. But mainly just for the larks!