Two Racquets & Four Ball Bundle

Everything you need to take onto court in one beautiful package. 
  • 2 GOAT Racquets 
  • 4 Official touchtennis Balls

Pay just £59.99 and get free UK shipping, saving you nearly £13 on the RRP of these items when purchased separately. 

The all new GOAT Racquet

The only racquet certified officially by touchtennis ™
  • Designed for the all-court attacking player
  • The first 21 inch racquet to be made for adult use
  • Long lasting and comfortable grip 
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable for fast paced rallies 
  • Beam height of only 19mm 
  • Can be strung at 20kgs of pressure

4 touchtennis balls 

Made of dense cut foam to exacting standards we stamped our name on a ball and now it's available in white. 

These balls are available now. They are perfect for almost any surface. Your back garden right through to a bowls green! Grass, clay and hard courts see these balls used in competition on the touchtennis World Tour. There are plenty of imitations. But there's only one touchtennis ball. 

High bouncing and durable, accept no substitutes. order yours now!